'A Hell of a Ride'- Furious 7 Movie Review

Review written by Anthony Tyson. Aptil 7, 2015

To start, I came into this movie with a few expectations. The Rock was going to blow some shit up, Vin Diesel was going to talk about family, car chases, hot women, and Paul Walker's character would likely be retired. For that last part, I was really worried he would be killed in some explosion half way through: I was expecting them to take advantage of his death honestly. I'm happy to say after seeing the movie, that I was completely wrong on that assumption and completely right on my other ones.

The first thing I'll get out of the way are my dislikes of the movie. For one, it's cheesy as all hell. It is to be expected by now, but it would have been a nice shake up if they avoided a lot of stereotypical tropes in action movies. Things like slow mo, gratuitous explosions, bad one liners, an a-typical villain, and scantily clad women are all in access here. Furious 7's plot could have also used a bit of help as well, as it was largely a generic "kill the bad guy who is coming after my family" story that a lot of us are used to. It's not bad, but a little more substance wouldn't hurt.

The positives though are great, and I think you might chuckle when I list them. I loved the a-typical villain, generic plot, slow-mo sequences with insane(very unrealistic) stunts, explosions, bad one liners, and the scantily dressed women. While these are all tropes that I find typically annoying, and in some ways I still did, Furious 7 just has such likable and charismatic characters that just help propel you through the over the top action and bombastic stunts. The dialogue was great overall, and the addition of Kurt Russel as 'Mr. Nobody' was a pleasant bonus. It also addressed and honored the memory of Paul Walker extremely well. A tasteful ending showing his character with his family, and then a monologue from Vin Diesel about how they will always be brothers as Paul Walker drives off into the sunset. Bittersweet, but also avoiding the feared cliche about killing off his character in some explosive gun battle or car chase.

Furious 7 was just overall a fun time at the movies. While not my favorite film of the year, (cough, cough, Kingsman, cough) it was certainly a great film to share with friends. Just make sure you have some Corona, and leave any notion of realism at the door.

See in theaters with friends, or rent the movie and have some drinks with friends