‘The Controversy Worth Seeing Once’ - The Interview: Movie Review

Review written by Anthony Tyson - January 2, 2015

I’m sure everyone, movie fan or not, has heard about this movie A LOT in the past few weeks. We all know about the Sony Hack, the political discussions over it, blah blah blah. Im going to attempt to avoid as much political bull crap as I can, while I look at this movie. I was planning on seeing it regardless of the insanity surrounding it, and I confess: I was very excited to see another Franco/Rogen pair up. Unfortunately I was expecting Gold matererial, and thats not necessarily what I got....

The Interview's premise was transparent: Have an Interview with Kim Jong Un, and assassinate him. This is made possible through Franco's character, who is a hapless (but very popular) talk show host and favorite celebrity of the reclusive dictator. He and his Producer(Seth Rogen) land an interview with Kim, and the Feds try and persuade them to.....Take Him Out.

The beginning half is pretty hilarious. Tons of cracks at Pop Culture and some spy humor, that reminded me alot of Get Smart. The laughs hold up for a while, especially when Franco's character finally meets Kim Jong Un. After the first meeting and the last half of the movie, jokes start getting stale, and it gets a bit ludicrous. Especially when (spoiler alert) Kim's death finally comes.

With prior movies like Pinapple Express, and This Is The End, The Interview just doesnt hold up as well. Its not completely terrible, and I didnt feel bad spending 7 bucks to stream it to my TV at home, but it defintiely relies on the Controversy it generated for its main selling point: not as much on the laughs. And at the end of the day, it kind of came off as a Montauge of butthole jokes, and American Stupidity. As the title suggetsts, worth a view once and then forget about it.