GD Podcast Episode 105: Dragons, Fire, and Thrones, Oh My!

First off, I have to apologize to you guys, the audio quality in this episode is quite rough. We had some driver errors, that after fighting with the computer to try to recognize our hardware, we gave up and recorded with our camera's built in microphone, and it is rough. this episode was recorded a week and a half ago, so it's a little bit dated, I took that time to attempt to make the audio more bearable. We have since isolated and fixed the hardware problems for future episodes. Due to this error we do not have time stamps for the content of this episode, we did compile the list, and the last 45 minutes or so is the topic which is where we are at with Game of Thrones at that point(this was right before episode 4 aired). Thank you guys for understanding, next episode should be airing and recording the weekend after next.

Hellblade indie psychological game
Spotify on Xbox
Saint Saiya anime getting rebooted for Netflix
Injustice new characters and skins
Final Fantasy 15 Magitech suits and other updates
Son of Shaolin upcoming comicbook and movie
Captain Marvel odd setting decision
Spawn getting a horrific reboot in films
Destiny 2 console beta wrap up and the road ahead
Game of Thrones pre episode 4 conversation