GD Podcast 54: Is it Your Destiny to Return to Destiny??

Kody, Zane, and JL struggle through the cold to deliver a podcast of epic proportions. The topic? Destiny. Is the new update any good? Does evil finally triumph over our guardians? Is the game fun again? Tune in to find out!



R-Rated Batman V Superman in Theaters? - 3:42
‘Batman: Killing Joke’ Gets R Rating - 6:57
Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach - Watchmen) Cast as the Terror in Tick - 7:59
Spiderman Homecoming (New Spidey Movie) News - 8:20
Ghost in the Shell Live Action Images Released - 17:22
Marvel’s Defenders Season 1 Showrunners - 20:55
Alden Ehrenreich Emerges as Young Han Solo Frontrunner - 24:08
Channing Tatum Joins Kingsmans: The Golden Circle Cast - 25:18
Men in Black 21 Jump Street Crossover (MIB23) - 26:00
Guardians of the Galaxy Confirmed for Marvel Phase 4 - 28:55
Hanna Barbera Cinematic Universe Incoming - 31:24
Indiana Jones 5 to be a Sequel to Crystal Skull - 34:54
Star Wars Original Trilogy Returns to US Theaters - 36:15
Xmen & Avengers Crossover? - 37:00
Dr. Strange Trailer - 43:16
Division Update – 58:41

TOPIC – Destiny April Update “Review” - 61:54

Reddit Post Discussing “Conspiracy” Over Next Expansion -


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