GD Podcast 95 - #TryPod

Time for a podcast about podcasts! The boys talk about their favorite podcasts (outside of our own of course), as part of #trypod!

Casters - Zane Coppedge, Anthony Tyson, Ryan Lombard

We'd like to officially welcome Ryan Lombard as the newest member of the Geek Domination team. Last week's cast wasn't as much as a "special guest" cast as it was a trial run with him. We're excited to have Ryan on the team!


IT Trailer - 3:28
Dark Tower Film Release Pushed Back...Again - 6:47
New Justice League Trailer - 8:12
Joss Whedon Heading to DC for Batgirl? - 15:52
Injustice - Villains Trailer - Captain Cold and Scarecrow Confirmed - 17:19
New Spiderman Homecoming Trailer - 20:30
Destiny 2 - Official Announcement and Trailers - 28:57

TOPIC - Our Favorite Podcasts - 44:27

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