GD Podcast 68 - Does Size Matter?...In Gaming

Size matters guys. Don't tell yourself it doesn't. You're lying to yourself. And the world. Or worlds, in the case of No Man's Sky. Idon'tknowwhatI'msayingsendhelp.

Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge, Anthony Tyson

CW News - 
Musical Crossover Announced for Supergirl and Flash - 5:06
Kevin Smith to Return to Direct Episodes - 7:41
Statement on Constantine - 8:33
Brandon Routh Funny Pic -

Star Wars News - 
New Rouge One (Star Wars) Trailer - 15:35
Kenny Baker (R2D2) Has Passed Away - 27:18
More Rouge One Talk - 28:53

FFXV To Potentially Be Delayed - 32:38
UPDATE - It Has Been Officially Delayed At This Point -
Pokemon Sun & Moon Update - Alola Forms, Totem Pokemon, Captains, Kahunas, Z Moves, and Team Skull - 35:11

Pokemon Uranium (Fan Game) Officially Released - 45:55
UPDATE - The Game Has Been Pulled By the Creators -

30th Anniversary of Metroid - 49:55

TOPIC - Does Size in a Video Game REALLY Matter? - 55:44

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