GD Podcast 75 - Raids Are The Best Part of Destiny

This is it. The final podcast focusing on Destiny...Until Destiny 2 is announced. And then we will gush about it more. 

Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge


Wolverine 3 Officially Titled "Logan" - 3:12
Gears of War Movie In Production - 5:24
Suicide Squad To Get An Extended Edition -  10:19
Netflix's Lemon Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events To Premiere 1/13/17 - 12:31
Netflix's Iron Fist TO Premiere 3/17/17 - 14:37
Thoughts on Luke Cage So Far - 15:32
Pokemon Corner - Starter Evolutions, Mega's Returning, and Demo - 25:26
Chinese Leaks of Final Evolutions -
CW Talk - Flash and Arrow Season Premieres - 36:55

TOPIC - Destiny Raid Design, Wrath of the Machine, and Thoughts of "Leaks" on Destiny 2 - 42:49

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