GD Podcast 80 - Boy Band Members Talking About Final Fantasy

FINAL FANTASY XV IS HERE!!! The boys use this time to talk about their favorite characters and moments from the Final Fantasy franchise.

Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger, Anthony Tyson

No Man Sky Devs - Hello Game - Break Silence; Disscus Future of the Game - 2:21
Rouge One - Confirmed No Opening Crawl, and Pre Sale Tickets - 4:56
Walking Dead Ratings - Not So Good - 7:58
Flash - Killer Frost Episode "Review" - 12:02
Breath of the Wild - Potential Release Date Leaked - 16:05
Symetra (Overwatch) Being Reworked - 18:17
Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Changes/Additions - 21:58

TOPIC - Final Fantasy Retrospective - 31:30

Exdeath -
Final Kefka Sprite -,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/18bj7zej30hwrjpg.jpg

Music Mentions - 

Opening Theme of IV -
IV Battle Theme -
V Battle Theme -
X Battle Theme -
Otherworld (X) -
Jenova (VII) -
Red Wings (IV) -
Battle of the Four Fiends (IV) -
Clash on the Big Bridge (V) -
Highwind Takes to the Skies (VII) -
To Zanarkind (X) -
Reactor Theme (VII) -
Opening/Bombing MIssion (VII) -
One Winged Angel (VII) -
Terra's Theme (VI) -
A Sacrifce (VIII) -

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