GD Podcast 64 - Pokemon Go!!!...To The Bathroom

Pokemon Go is a thing that people like, and we talk about things that people like, so were gonna talk about Pokemon Go because people/we like it….Ok.

Casters – Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge

Constantine Now Streaming on CW Seed – 1:47
John Barrowman Now Regularly Appearing on All CW – 2:24
Nuka World is Fallout 4’s Last DLC -  3:47
Evolve Now Free To Play on PC – 7:39
Iron Man Comic Shenanigans – 8:27
WoW Legion Pre Patch Incoming VERY SOON – 17:34
BvS Extended Edition “Review” - 25:16

Topic – Pokemon Go – 34:28


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