GD Podcast 67 - Is the Wii U a Success? Or a Failure?

Nintendo has a special place in all our hearts, but has the WiiU really been the console we deserved? Find out our thoughts on the Wii U now!

Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge, Anthony Tyson, Andrew Denike 


SDCC Wrap Up - 
CW Trailers (Legends, Flash, and Arrow) - 1:31
Dr. Strange Trailer - 13:19

Blizzard News - 
Blizzcon Virtual Tickets Now Available (Can Buy Blizzcon Box) - 20:42
Demon Hunters Coming to WoW 8/9 - 22:31
Hearthstone - One Night in Karazhan - 23:25

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Rerelease (PC Problems) - 24:58
Matt Ryan to Voice Constantine in Justice League Dark - 28:20
Suicide Squad - Main Joker Identity Theory Debunked - 29:37
Batman - Killing Joke - Mini Review - 34:20

TOPIC - The State of the WiiU - Good? Bad? - 42:19

Kotaku Article Topic is Based on -

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