GD Podcast 69 - Shooting Frenzy!!!

This fall, A TON of shooters are being released. Da bois talk about each, and discuss the shooting genre as a whole. 

Casters - Andrew Denike, Anthony Tyson, Kody Spitzlberger


Gamescon 2016 News -
Prey Gameplay Trailer - 3:28
New Overwatch Map - 7:54
Machines of War Event for Heroes of the Storm Announced - 11:06
WoW 7.1 - Return to Karazhan - 15:35
Destiny: Rise of Iron - Private Matches Incoming!! - 21:18
Metal Gear Survive Announced  - 22:41
Injustice 2 - Harley Quinn and Deadshot Announced - 33:02
Rumored Potential Collections - Mass Effect & Assassins Creed - 36:23

TOPIC - All The Shooters! Discussion of the slue of shooter games being released this fall, and why it's a little ridiculous - 46:18

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