Quest Complete 5 - Relive The Legacy & Discuss the Future of Destiny

Welcome to Quest Complete, a show by Kody Spitzlberger of Geek Domination! In this show, I talk about games/game franchises, getting down to the nitty gritty of said games. There is a new episode every month, and there will be many guests joining me along the way!

I recently sat down with GD regular Zane Coppedge, to discuss one of our favorite games, Destiny. We relived the memories of the last 3 years with the game, and discuss what we would like to see change and/or added with the sequel.

This cast is purely speculation and should be taken as such. Non of the ideas and features discussed here are confirmed to be a part of Destiny 2 at this time. This cast was recorded one week before the official Destiny 2 game-play reveal. 

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