Geek Domination Pokemon Master Experience

The release of Pokemon Sun & Moon is nearly upon us! Generation 7 is looking to be a very strong outing for the 20 year old franchise, and we’re all excited as hell to get our hands on it. Using this fancy team planner, we thought it would be cool to show off what we’re planning to use on our teams, and show our thought process while building teams in an RPG such as this. Keep in mind that these are not set in stone at all, as we know almost nothing about the stats, strengths, and weaknesses of the Pokemon. or how readily available some of these Pokemon will end up being.


Decidueye - Archery is real cool, and Ghost types are my favorite.

Araquanid - I wanted to use a new Water type, plus Bug secondaries tend to be pretty sweet.

Marowak - One of my old Gen 1 favorites. Also Ghost type love.

Golem - Typing and epic beard. Depending on how strong he ends up being, I may swap him out for Raichu.

Comfey - I’m hoping it’s another Klefki that is bad ass and a good setup/utility mon that nobody expects.

Kommo-o - Dragon/FIghting is an awesome type, Fighting being my second favorite type overall.


Decidueye - Thought about not using a starter, but the typing of Grass/Ghost is really solid.

Salazzle  - It’s a damage over time beast, that will dominate in longer fights. Fire generally has higher Sp. Attack stats, and Poison for its DOT effectiveness.

Kommo-o - Kind of a no brainer. Looks like a velociraptor and the typing combo is just so neat.

Buzzwole - Do you even lift buzz? I just can’t get over how ludicrous this Pokemon is; I had to have it on the team. In the event that Ultra Beasts turn out to be more like legendaries and it’s not available until late/after game, I’m looking at Lycanroc Midday form, as I’m playing Sun and speedy Rock sounds strong.

Raichu - I needed a Psychic to offset my Fighting and Ghost types, and I can not pass up a paralysis move.

Ash Greninja - Thought about not using a promo Pokemon, but as far as Water types go, Greninja is one of the strongest.


Incineroar - His typing is just like Houndoom, which has me excited.

Crabominable  - Seems like a crazy type - being Ice/Fighting - so I’d like to give it a shot.

Gigalith - I remember liking Gigalith a lot, but I reserve the right to pass on this one if something better crosses my path.

Salamence - It’s always been insanely strong, and has become one of my favorite Dragon types.

Solgaleo - I have Sun, so I gotta have him in my roster.

Tapu Finu - Rounding out my roster with a Water type, and I can include Fairy as well wiht this pick. We shall see if Fairy proves to be overpowered again.


Primarina - Couple reasons behind this pick. The main being I just wanted starter coverage with everyone playing the game so we can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the starters. Also Water/Fairy is a dirty type.

Lycanroc - Playing Moon, so it will be Midnight form. Midnight form looks to be slower and bulkier, and pure Rock has shown to be a strong type over the last few generations.

Kommo-o - Typing is super badass. Think we’re looking at the new Garchomp boys.

Raichu - Again, typing is super badass and unique. Never used a Raichu growing up, this seems like the perfect time to try one out.

Exeggutor - The memes. Also, typing. But mainly the memes.

Marowak - Being one of my favorite Pokemon, I’ve never actually used a Marowak before, mainly because pure ground has always been a little “meh.” to me. But Ghost/Fire is incredible typing, playing homage to Hawaiian culture with fire dancing and teasing the good ol’ Lavender Town lore.


Andrew is not a fan of Pokemon, and is too busy playing Watch Dogs 2 right now. Kody isn't salty or questioning his friendship with him or anything. 


Do you agree with our choices? Did we inspire you to look at new Pokemon for your own team? Or are we super scrubs who have no idea what we're talking about? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to check out the upcoming episode of the podcast, where we will be talking about and reviewing our experience with Pokemon Sun and Moon.